your data is used to make FURC work

Data We Collect

We understand, you never know what and where your data is being used, which is totally unfair and quite scary. We want to make a promise to you that the data we collect is strictly being used to enhance the functionality of FURC IT for your experience. Here's the information we collect and how we use it:

Call Forwarding Access

FURC IT uses Call Forwarding to direct unknown or spam callers through the authentication process.

All incoming callers that are not in your contacts list or your FURC IT Whitelist will have to enter a three-digit code.

Call Log Access

When you make an outgoing call and get a call back from that number, FURC IT uses the call log to ensure the caller does not need to enter the three digit code.

FURC IT also uses the call log data to show the user how many calls have been blocked.

Contact Access

To ensure that your contacts aren't blocked and don't have to enter a three digit code, FURC IT needs access to your contacts. We use this contact information strictly only for blocking purposes.

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