Imagine if your phone didn't ring for robocallers

With FURC IT, it won't. Our Roadblock Technology intercepts the incoming calls that aren't in your contact list and prompts the caller to enter a code before they can ring your phone.


Our Patented Technology

FURC IT is the worlds first and only patented robocall intercepter, NOT blocker, designed for the professionals that don't have time to waste.

great for business owners

Your phone won't ring for robocallers.

No more answering every call because you think it's a potential client, only to find out it's a robocaller. With FURC IT's roadblock technology, you can be assured that every incoming call is from a human.

your own personal roadblock

Incoming calls not in your contacts have to enter a code

When you get a call from a number not in your contacts list, FURC IT instantly detects it. FURC IT's patented technology system prompts the user to enter a randomly generated three-digit code to get authenticated before the call is connected to you.

For your frequent callers

Add any number to your Whitelist

Once a caller passes your roadblock, they'll automatically be added to your Whitelist. All contacts in your Whitelist can contact you at anytime without having to enter a code. Add or remove anyone from your Whitelist at anytime.

*Disclaimer: Due to how well FURC IT works, please be sure to Whitelist your most important numbers (i.e. doctor, pharmacy, insurance, etc.)

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Trusted by thousands

From average Joe's to CEO's

Dayne R.

ceo balance

I've been using Balance for about 25 days now and I can honestly admit that I haven't received a single call that didn't have an intention to talk to me. I know there's hundreds of robokiller apps out there, but nothing compares to FURC IT. Plus, it's cheap!

Guru A.

ceo Codeglo

The biggest inconvenience I ran into was stopping what I was doing to answer my phone, only to find out it's a robocaller. Now every time my phone rings I'm more confident to answer.

Gerald K.

ceo finishline race

Anyone who tries to call me has to enter a three digit code in order for my phone to even ring. FURC IT is honestly the only robot blocker that ACTUALLY blocks the robocalls! FURC'em!

Chris R.

ceo Vyper motors

Being a business owner, I have to answer every call because it could be a potential customer. With FURC IT, I know that every time my phone rings it's an actual human.

Prabhu S.

cOo Codeglo

Was looking for a robokiller app and downloaded Robokiller, but I was still getting callings coming in which is the most annoying point. With FURC IT, that doesn't happen. Only calls coming through are actual people.

Lindsey A.

ceo Johns constr.

By far the easiest, most simple blocker app on the market. Every other app overcomplicates everything, with hundreds of features. Not FURC IT. FURC IT’s design is so simple and easy to use. FURC’em!

Tyler K.

Financial advisor

I can finally answer my phone with full confidence knowing that it’s someone that actually needs to talk to me. Being a financial advisor, I have to answer every call. FURC IT helps me rest assured.

David V.

Insurance agent

I’ve downloaded every “robokiller” app on the market only to be let down. I had an idea similar to this so I’m so excited someone finally brought it to market. All I can say is awesome job FURC team!

Travis C.

Financial advisor

FURC’s Whitelist feature is amazing. I only have about 5 people that call me on a daily basis so I can add these 5 to my Whitelist and the rest of the unnecessary calls are blocked!

It's time to get what you deserve

No more frustration

We know your pain: when you're on a phone call and hang up to answer the other incoming call, only to find out it's a robot. Boom, instant frustration, possibly a ruined day. With FURC IT, that won't happen.

No more distractions

No more stopping to answer pointless calls.

No more wasted time

Robocallers don't know your time is valuable. We do.

No battery or data use

FURC IT won't drain your battery or use your precious data.

Are you sick of robocallers?